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    Kaori Mori

    Contemporary Artist


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    Life's Journey

    Japan - NZ - UK




    Born in Osaka, Japan.



    Moved to Christchurch, New Zealand.



    Moved to London, Uníted Kíngdom.


    05 2013

    Moved back to Japan.


    Currently live in Japan.

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    Loves and Interests



    Love nature, landscape, tea and cuisines.


    Pool - NZ National 8 Ball Ladies Plate Winner 2004


    Trekking - Milford Sound the World Heritage, Abel Tasman


    Enjoy clinical work and research.


    Love Neal the Airedale Terrier, born in 12 Nov 2021.



    experientia docet stultos

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    Kaori Mori

    Cert.Sc., B.F.A., AThR, M.A.

    - Contemporary Artist

    - Art Psychotherapist

     英国hcpc (医療専門職協議会)公認

     BAAT (英国アートセラピー協会)会員

     ANZACATA (・新・亜クリエイティブアートセラピー協会)会員






    ●New Zealandに渡る。




    ●日本、New Zealandで多数のグループ展に入選。




    ●New Zealand 現代アーティスト40人に選ばれる。

    CoCA(Centre of Contemporary Art)館長より個展のオファーを受ける。
    ●10月~11月: CoCA、ニュージーランドで個展。
    ●12月: Whitecliffe美術大学卒業。 Fine Arts 学士。



    ●Canterbury大学大学院 教育学部 幼児教育学科で子供発達学を専攻。
    ●5月~6月: CoCA、ニュージーランドで個展。




    ●Canterbury大学大学院 理学部 コミュニケーション障害学科に移籍。
    ●12月~: CoCAの代表アーティストとして作品がコレクションされる。



    ●5月: 香川県高松市、ギャラリーen にて個展。
    ●9月: 渡英



    ●9月: London大学 Goldsmiths校 大学院博士課程前期修了。
    ●MA Art Psychotherapy 修士。英国hcpc(医療専門職協議会)公認、BAAT(英国アートセラピー協会)会員アートサイコセラピストとして従事。



    ●2月: 香川県高松市、ギャラリーen にて個展。

    公益財団法人 現代芸術振興財団 Contemporary Art Foundationより

    「平成25年度 現代芸術振興助成事業」助成金

    ●5月~: 独立行政法人国立病院機構 四国こどもとおとなの医療センター 臨床研究部所属



    ●3月: 高松市美術館 WS [子どものアトリエ]

    ●4月: KSB瀬戸内海放送 森かおり特集







    ●2月~3月: まるがめ文化芸術祭2016特別事業として丸亀市猪熊弦一郎現代美術館にて個展

    ●7月: 高松市美術館 WS [子どものアトリエ]


    from the past exhibitions...

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    An article from "mynzed" March 2004

    We have the pleasure of profiling another rising star in the Fine Arts community.


    Kaori Mori although young in years has already built quite a reputation

    for her self in the Christchurch art scene.

    Highly organized and motivated Kaori has worked hard

    at balancing her studies and professional development at as an artist.


    Kaori describes her latest collection as visually abstract

    yet she finds it quite realistic as it involves movement, colour and texture.


    "The texture is made of my thought and experiences that take root on canvas,

    just like I fix paints onto the surface of canvas.

    The surface is highly influenced by light.

    The surface changes along with the light just like the world.

    Images flicker in my head just like leaves flicker in the wind,

    or a ray of the sun comes filtering through the clouds.

    I capture the still of the movement, the force in the fragile/vain."


    It is new but again nostalgic as the works have both greenness (freshness) and nostalgia.

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    An article from "PRESTO" July 2006

    The work that I make deals with experiencing feelings and emotions,

    and reflecting on them in plastic form.


    I use colour, texture, free movement, as means to express an inner state.


    Poetry is important to me - it often feeds me process.
    When I read a poem, images begin to emerge in my mind:

    dreams - possibilities - remembered sights, sounds, fragrances.

    I think that memory plays an important role when it comes to imagination.


    My paintings started from a meditation on life and death, light and darkness.

    I cannot see my beginnings, I cannot see my end,

    but I can feel them and what I am feeling is "a vague life", "a vague death".


    There are no words left.

    No sounds.
    But there is something that you could "see".
    Something you could "hear".
    Something you could "feel".


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    Catalogue from the exhibition 2006

    "Maze... and beyond"

    My work consists primarily in painting, but I mostly exhibit my work as an installation.

    The expression of my thoughts becomes material through my painting. Because when I work my feelings and senses are connected, similar to meditation.

    Thin coats of colour are layered over and over again on the surface by using oil, acrylic, medium, ink, paint, paper, fiber, corn silk and rice.


    When the paintings are completed, their surface is highly influenced by light; they slow changes in colour depending upon the angle of viewing.

    Layering alludes to information collected through the senses; it reflects my ideas about memory and its emotional expression, about the spirituality, which infuses my environment, and also about the ambiguity of process.



    Kaori Mori - Maze... and beyond
    17 October - 04 November 2006
    Location: CoCA, Christchurch, New Zealand
    Pausing by Kaori Mori's works engenders sleep-strange feelings. The paintings have a quiet way of taking you in. Moving forward needs to be slow and careful, to account for the subtle changes in an atmosphere which invites beholding, yet retains its mystery.


    The paintings are made with a printmaker's dedication: on the strata of gesso and modelling compound, thin coats of colour are layered time and time again. Nevertheless, gestural repetition finds its own way of eluding the identical, while hue melts into tone or dissolves into veil.

    Kaori Mori's approach is direct and persistent: the materials she uses are mixed on the support to create the picture plane. And still, this simple procedure allows a rich archeology of the indefinable to surface into being.


    Maze... and beyond is built on a series of paradoxes. The tactile, sensuous surface of the paintings guides away from sight into memory. No trace of the painter's presence endures; the only remaining signposts are directions of flow. While formally reminding of the order and complexities of nature, the paintings deny too close a link to the natural through repeated cancellations. The overall build-up of precious and non-precious materials is blank, yet never fails to call for spiritual associations.

    It is as if Kaori Mori was wondering in what proportion the materiality of media might approximate the immaterial.


    If these paintings encourage a dialogue, then it would have to be a dialogue with oneself. Fragile yet so present, Maze... and beyond proposes a tracing of the soul's wanderings in and out of the word.

    It invites all viewing to remember, and open up to, the mystery of things.


    Dr. Cristina Silaghi, Artist - 2006

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    Catalogue from the exhibition 2007

    "Ka heru"

    [還る] Return [返る] Awake [代える] Change [変える] Turn [替える] Alter [換える] Vary 

    [帰る] Be back [帰る] Come back [帰る] Go back [帰る] Get back [帰る] Leave 

    [交える] Meet and cross [交える] Blend [孵る] Hatch


    Kaeru (Kaheru) does not have a precise equivalent in English, but means "to return (home or to where the subject belongs) ".


    Roy Andrew Miller described Japanese language in his book 'Japan's Modern Myth' in 1982, "...the Japanese language possesses a kind of spirit or soul that sets it apart from all other languages, which do not possess such a spiritual entity; or that the Japanese language is somehow purer, and has been less involved in the course of its history with that normal process of language change and language mixture that has been the common fate of all other known human languages"


    In the world today, the arts of the intellect are held in high regards; there is less space for an art of sensitivity.

    Information can be received consciously, as well as unconsciously, yet there are less and less opportunities for experiencing pure sense impressions, in an environment that has little or nothing to do with conscious control.


    My paintings are about offering an experience of pure sense impressions.

    The viewer can relate to the work though accessing individual senses, and maybe focusing calmly on this experience.

    The work that I make completes itself when completed by the person standing in front of it.

    Beyond the maze lies and open invitation.



    Kaori Mori - Ka heru
    30 May - 12 Jun 2007
    Location: CoCA, Christchurch, New Zealand
    Susan Sontag once said "Every detail or subtle nuance revealed by the artists hand was once an observation a memory or a future aspiration, homage to a reality independent of self."


    Since arriving from Japan in 1999, Kaori Mori has existed in a world where the social and cultural universes of her own country and her adopted land have often been on a collision course. But in her painting Mori is released from the constraints of either culture and is able to poke, prod and pursue a personal vision drawn from experiences and observations of both lands and both cultures.


    Her first exhibitin at CoCA (the Centre of Contemporary Art) in 2006, was entitled Maze... and beyond, where the artist explored through paint the cyclic nature of life. In those works, large spheres appeared to float across tactile canvases, the spherical elements swirled and spun from the murky, grey and green depths of the canvas and then seemingly faded from view, provoking a feeling in the viewer of flux and transience.


    In this latest exhibition the spherical or cosmological elements have almost completely disappeared but the feeling evoked from the canvas of transience and reserve remains. The format is tighter; the colours are no longer dark and somber but light and luminous and the paintings read as a suite of works or more completely as an installation.


    Still referencing the cycle of life, the artist has placed a greater emphasis in this exhibition, on the idea of regeneration or Ka heru, the Japanese word for return. To this end, layers of both texture and colour and revealed very gradually to the viewer. What appears to the eye on first looking develops even further (depending on the light) as layer upon dappled layer of paint resurfaces, suggesting a shedding of an exterior skin to reveal a smooth and shimmering new stratum beneath.


    As the viewers are left to grapple with the anxiety of interpretation, an ambiguity and uncertainty is created around these abstract works and of the physical process of painting.


    The beauty of abstract expressionism is that it frees the gesture from the tyranny of depiction; however, it also carries with it a need for strict self-discipline.


    In Ka-heru, Mori has exerted the skill and discipline needed to carry off this difficult undertaking, which is lesser hands would reduce the work to mere decoration.


    Margaret Duncan, Former President of Christchurch Art Gallery -2007

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    Catalogue from the exhibition 2013

    "Where i belong..."

    It is very difficult to express thoughts or emotions verbally.

    Even searching through all possible words within my knowledge

    or words that have not yet come into existence...

    To translate accurately might be impossible, futile or even meaningless.

    All I can do is to be conscious of it.


    The difficulty of being conscious is that I have to be aware/conscious of it to recognize it.

    The act of ringing my inner subconsciousness to a conscious state is to express my feelings and thoughts through my work, therefor, translation.



    Kaori Mori - Where i belong
    09 February - 17 February 2013
    Location: Gallery en, Kagawa, Japan
    I still cannot forget the shock when I unveiled Mori's work for the first time.


    Under the veil of carefully layered colour and light, secretly emerge colours of various expressions.

    The expression changes constantly depending upon the light and shadow.

    The delicacy, the beauty, and the atmosphere drew me in immediately.


    Her words also felt a strong impression...

    "What one is conscious of might change through the course of time,

    but at the beginning, it should all start with being aware (conscious) of something."


    Consciousness=existence. Focusing and intensifying that notion, combined with her genuine sensitivity, a world so beautiful opens up.


    "I don't know why, but the series ended up with 5 pieces, no more and no less. There was something in my sub-conscious that decided it. I still have no idea what it was." she said.



    Some day, she will tell me with passion, I can hardly wait for the moment to come.


    Yuki Tani, Textile Artist -2013

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    Catalogue from the exhibition 2017

    "indeed... indeed..."

    Marugame City Youg Artists Grands 2016 | Marugame Arts Festival 2016 Special Project


    Art making has been a very important reflective process for me.

    I use it to response to the emotional conflicts, thoughts, and feelings I encounter in everyday life.


    I have tried to depict the pre-verbalized concept through my art.

    When predefined concepts are swept away,

    what remains can only be described as a 'thing' and this thing has become quite real to me.


    The act of creating on the canvas is in itself a process of verification of the remaining reality.

    Is this reality vanishing, remaining, or transforming?


    This 'thing' transforms while conformaing; I feel awfully helpless,

    but simultaneously, it makes complete sense to me.


    Kaori Mori - indeed... indeed...
    26 February - 5 March 2017
    Location: Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa, Japan


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    Margaret Duncan

    Former President

    Christchurch Art Gallery


    "Kaori has held several successful exhibitions displaying work that is not only beautifully executed as is everything she does but complex sophisticated works which engage the viewer in a variety of ways."


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    Warren Feeney

    Former Director


    (the Centre of Contemporary Art)


    "Her work is impressive in her capacity to craft resolute and beautiful images that, at their most abstract, are compelling and evocative. I am also impressed by her commitment to her practice. It was unusual for the gallery to place a senior artist alongside a recent graduate but the maturity and quality of her work ensured that it retained a presence and strength in the exhibition space."


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    Janet Abbott

    Former Head of Department



    "Her work is of a consistently high standard and shows evidence of the significant tought process that she puts into her art. Images of her work have been chosen on a number of occasions to represent the D&A."




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    添草華 第三章 廻 Unit Exhibition

    ヒラタビル, 香川県, Japan

    25-26 Feb, 2023

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    第八章「花語り」 一拍の永遠 Unit Exhibition

    4-5 April, 2020

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    第七章「花語り」 沙美 Unit Exhibition

    花遊 天雲, 香川県, Japan

    4-5 Mar, 2017

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    indeed... indeed... |うべなるかな  Solo Exhibition

    MIMOCA 丸亀市猪熊弦一郎現代美術館 2階造形スタジオ, 香川県, Japan

    26 Feb - 5 Mar 2017

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    ⚫︎Finding Spaces, Making Places:

    Exploring social and cultural space in contemporary Art Therapy practice

    ⚫︎Finding a voice, making your mark:

    Defining Art Therapy for the 21st century

    Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

    13-16 April 2016

    8-11 April 2013

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    第六章「花語り」満薫 Unit Exhibition


    中條文化振興財団, Japan

    23-24 May 2015

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    Where i belong...  Solo Exhibition

    Gallery en, Japan

    09 - 17 Feb 2013

    10 - 31 May 2009

    Solo Exhibition

    Ka heru  Solo Exhibition

    CoCA, Chch, NZ

    17 May - 30 Jun 2007

    Solo Exhibition

    Maze... and beyond  Solo Exhibition

    CoCA, Chch, NZ

    04 Oct - 17 Nov 2006

    Group Exhibitions

    Group Exhibitions

    Goldsmiths, London, UK



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    GIRLS ART展 Group Exhibition

    神楽坂 DIE PRATZE, Tokyo, Japan

    第3回 2007

    第2回 2006

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    Group Exhibitions

    Whitecliffe College and D&A






    Film and Photographic exhibitions included

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    High School Exhibitions

    The Space Gallery, Chch, NZ




    Auction, Art Show, Art Festival and Art Events

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    Setouchi Triennale 2010 瀬戸内国際芸術祭


    Takeshi Kawashima and Dream Friends

    July 2010

    -Scene Assistant


    broken image

    New Zealand Affordable Art Show

    New Zealand


    01 - 03 Aug 2008


    broken image

    The Art Event

    New Zealand

    Te puna o Waiwhetu : Christchurch Art Gallery

    09 - 15 Sep 2007


    broken image

    New Zealand Affordable Art Show

    New Zealand


    02 - 05 Aug 2007


    broken image

    The Great Art Auction

    New Zealand

    NG Gallery, Christchurch

    24 - 26 May 2007


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    ART TREK: one night 17 galleries

    New Zealand


    25 October 2006


    Christchurch's annual collective gallery open-evening.

    Art Trek will take you into the cultural heart of the city to enjoy a diverse range of artistic activities in public galleries, dealer galleries and not-for-profit art spaces.

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    Preview: 40 Contemporary New Zealand Artists

    New Zealand

    CoCA (the Centre of Contemporary Art), Christchurch

    15 - 31 Aug 2006


    broken image

    Activate: 40 Contemporary New Zealand Artists

    New Zealand

    CoCA (the Centre of Contemporary Art), Christchurch

    09 - 20 Sep 2005



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    Private Galleries


    2014 - present

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    穴吹ホームOpen Room

    Reform, Japan


    2013 - present


    broken image

    NHO, Shikoku Medical Center for Children and Adults: Japan

    2013 - present

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    2010- present

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    家具 楽木

    工房 / 家具展, Japan

    2009 - present

    broken image


    2009 - present


    徳島北店, Japan

    2008 - present

    broken image


    (the Centre of Contemporary Art)

    Christchurch, New Zealand

    2006 - 2010

    broken image


    DEAR, Japan


    broken image


    フォワイエビル, Japan


    broken image

    Renovation Project, Japan



    北浜alley, Japan

    2006, 2007



    高松, Japan






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    New Zealand

    2006 -

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    Kaori Mori Solo Exhibition


    2017.02.26. Sun. ~03.05. Sun.

    indeed... indeed... | うべなるかな


    Venue: MIMOCA

    2F Creative Studio

    Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art


    会場:丸亀市猪熊弦一郎現代美術館 2階造形スタジオ


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    Design & Arts College of New Zealand

    2002-2005, Christchurch, New Zealand




    - Photograpy, Digital Media, Theory & Criticism (2004)

    - Analysis of Source, Digital Media, Drawing, Life Drawing (2003)


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    Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design

    2006, Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand



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    University of Canterbury

    2007-2008, Christchurch, New Zealand

    Cert. Sc.


    College of Education
    Grad Dip in Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood)


    College of Science
    Communication Disorders: Psychology, Neuroscience, Anatomy and Physiology


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    Goldsmiths, University of London

    2010-2011, London, UK

    M.A. Art Psychotherapy


    Professional & Community Education (PACE) Department


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    HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist

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    BAAT full member Art Psychotherapist

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